Assimilate dammit!

The Liberty Zone on immigrants who don’t bother to assimilate:

Here’s a clue, shitsack: you’re the one who chose to immigrate here. No one forced you, and no one invited you. You’ve chosen to live in a country that offers you every opportunity in the world to work and succeed – something you don’t get in third-world shitholes which spawned you. So be grateful for the opportunities this country offers you, and stop with the attitude that everyone needs to conform to your whims. You aren’t special, You aren’t entitled. You’re just another asshole who came to this country expecting everything to be handed to you and thinking you could extort money from those who don’t by complaining to the authorities about your lack of special treatment.

It’s a beautiful screed. RTWT.

If you come to this country then assimilate dammit. The way you did things in your country is probably why it’s so fucked up that you wanted to leave. Try something new, learn English and become an American.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Or go the Hell home! We don’t need/want you if you won’t assimilate…