Why I will never take a cruise.

Because you’re trapped in a disease infested can with hundreds of other people.

I love sailing and I, at times, entertain the notion of a long sail around the world. But that’s in a 50 foot sailboat with a few friends. The notion of packing myself on a cruise ship makes my skin crawl. I’ve spent too much time in hotels on land to want to spend a few days in one on the ocean.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Like an RV – driving around in your own private porta-potty, a cruise ship is a porta-potty with a hog-trough. Too damn many people besides.

  2. THANK YOU. Exactly why I’ve never been interested in cruises. Gross, just GROSS.
    And you’re STUCK. At least on land, you can hop in a car and drive away.

  3. Derek says:

    My cruise experience was okay, but I wouldn’t necessarily pay for one anytime soon. I think the worst part was the food. It wasn’t the taste that was bad – it was how indigestible it was for other passengers. I can’t think of one public spot on that boat where sulfur-like odor did not linger.