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Someone wanted a high resolution photo of this map thing that hangs on my office wall. Click the photo for the high res version.

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Superhero Names

My superhero name is The Quantum Leopard A humble worker at the CERN Laboratories, your life was normal – until you accidentally fell into the particle accelerator in the middle of a vital experiment! The accident has resulted in you … Continue reading

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Blogging may be dead…

…but this one isn’t quite yet. In fact, today SnarkyBytes is six years old. That’s positively ancient in Internet years.

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Apropos of nothing

A bunch of people are still downloading old episodes of Vicious Circle. In November there were 4647 downloads of 118 different episodes ranging from 625 downloads of episode 31 to two downloads of episode 87. In fact episode 31 has … Continue reading

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My new pet.

Isn’t he cute? adopt your own virtual pet!

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Stat Geek Alert

This is an interesting distribution from this poll. (Ignore the “you’re more awesome than 98% of the population” part) Normally you’d expect to see a classic bell curve on something like this. But this is more of a bimodal distribution. … Continue reading

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2 Billion-year-old nuclear reactor

No, it’s not the aliens. It’s a natural formation that contained a critical mass of uranium. Now that is pretty damned cool.

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Changing skills

The skill set needed to survive in the world is constantly changing. Things your parents and grandparents knew how to do are no longer needed to survive. Know how do drive a four in hand or even what it is? … Continue reading

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A ______ of Gunchicks

Fill in the blank. Remember, they can hurt you. (As in flock of seagulls, murder of crows, gaggle of geese…) UPDATE: We have a winner! Via Breda. A rack of gunchicks.

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I’m Shocked!

No, really. See?

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