And I remember when I thought a T1 was fast…

Comcast installed the Internet yesterday. I could have connected to the office with wireless, it’s just right over there (he gestures in THAT direction) but do I really want my Internet access going through the company I work for? I don’t think so.

Picture 1

Of course, there’s a guy in Japan who’s going to read this and think, “SIlly American, he thinks 18 mbps is fast. So sad.”)

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0 Responses to And I remember when I thought a T1 was fast…

  1. Turk Turon says:

    Wow! Way fast!

    I have to make do with a little 115 kbps connection with my Blackberry-as-tethered-modem kludge.

    Your connection is like 15,000 percent faster than that!

  2. Bob S. says:

    I remember connecting to local BBSes and through them to the “Internet” at a blazing 2,400 bps.

    Today’s speeds are simply staggering.

  3. pdb says:

    Oh hey, Speakeasy! I got my first broadband from them back in 1999! I bought the cheapest DSL service I could from them, it turned out to be subcontracted from Covad. Covad stopped serving my area 6 months later and I got a refund for my deposit, 6 months of service and I still have the modem.

    I’ve had Time Warner cable since then.

  4. Katana Fishguts says:

    We have the 5Gbps psychic robot in my house, she downloads my whole anime porno collection before I ask, then spits fire (roasting the eels)! Looks like rubbery teenage schoolgirl with bigass eyeballs. We are far advanced!

    Shrieks: Nooooo nooooo! I will not give you internets! (but wants to give you internets and does)

    Psychic unagi-grill internet robot is a modest slut, a perfect companion!