Robert and the rest of the team from Texas have won the Soldier of Marathon trophy at the National Matches. The top civilian team.

Congratulations Robert, and good shooting!

We won.
Texas has won the Soldier of Marathon Trophy twice before, in 1954 and the early 60s. Rick Crawford has brought team after talented team up, 21 years worth, but never won it. I’m happiest about the win for him as much as anything. We were the fourth team overall, behind the Army Marksmanship Team, the National Guard and the Army Reserve. Many great shooters along on those teams: Dave Wilson, Alonda Roy, The Rosts, Mont Barling, Gary Shannon, Jose Niera, Richard Schultz, Col Manuel Daniels. I hope we made them proud.
First civilian team. Soldier of Marathon. It’s a proud thing to be in Ohio at the National Matches as a Texan. I was very happy laying on the grass at the 600 yardline with a good rifle and the correct windage with Rick, Utley, Keith, Jeff Lin and Wallace McDaniel while Ken Gaby and Dick Curry coached. I might not be able to exactly remember the experience tomorrow like it was today, with the sun shining and the sweat making its way around my right eyebrow, but tomorrow will have its own reality. Tomorrow is Infantry Trophy and the Springfield 1903 match.

Man, I wish I was in Ohio right now.

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