Obama Should Refuse The Peace Prize

Not because he’s done nothing to deserve it, because after they gave it to Arafat, “deserve” is meaningless.

No, he needs to refuse it because the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke.

Accepting it belittles Obama and diminishes the United States in the eyes of the world.

If Obama were a man of integrity he would refuse the prize.

Aw, who am I kidding, of course he’ll accept it.

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus agrees with me.

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0 Responses to Obama Should Refuse The Peace Prize

  1. Crotalus says:

    Are you kidding? Spiritually, mentally, and politically, he’s just the right size to accept such a small, insignificant, meaningless piece of propaganda.

    The Prize and the Prez are both useless as tits on a boar hawg!