Adopt A Sniper

There’s a new button over on the sidebar, it looks like this:

That will take you to American Snipers where you can donate items or money to support snipers over in Iraq and Afghanistan.

First be advised that NO funds or equipment from this endeavor will be used to supplement someone’s salary (Snipersonline / has no paid employee’s) or pad the coffers of this association. ALL FUNDS and GEAR will be used to support the snipers that are in need of our help. Individuals and companies have chosen to help support forward deployed snipers, our brothers in arms, by supplying them with items they need to get the job done and generally making their lives easier while on deployment.

I gave them a donation. Maybe you can help too.

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  1. Leola Hase says:

    Hey i just received a alert from my firewall when i opened your page do you happen to know how come this occured? Could it possibly from your ads or something? Thanks, really strange i hope it was harmless?

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