Glenn County Board of Education Reverses Student Expulsion

Common sense breaks out in VA:

NRA News Release

Fairfax, Va. – Today, the Glenn County Board of Education reversed the decision of the Willows Unified School District and Principal Mort Geivett to expel Gary Tudesko, a 17-year-old high school senior from Willows High School. Tudesko was represented by National Rifle Association/California Rifle and Pistol Association Foundation attorneys Chuck Michel and Hillary J. Green of the Long Beach-based law firm Michel & Associates, P.C.

“This is a victory for law-abiding young Americans, over nonsensical, irrational and unreasonable policies,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA-ILA. “Mr. Tudesko broke no laws and we are pleased that the Board of Education has cleared his name and allowed him to complete his education at Willow High School.”

In October 2009, Tudesko went duck hunting before school. Not wanting to be late for classes and knowing the school’s zero-tolerance policy for firearms on campus, he parked his locked truck containing his hunting firearms off campus. While it was determined Tudesko broke no laws, he was expelled from Willows High School. NRA’s Michel and Green filed an extensive brief with the Board of Education in support of Tudesko’s appeal.

“Preserving our nation’s rich hunting heritage among our youth should not be discouraged and success in this important case sets a precedent that will further protect this cherished pastime,” concluded Cox. “We are thankful that the Board of Education agrees with NRA that the school’s ‘one size fits all’ policy did not apply to Tudesko.”


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