Congress is

Shortly before the House vote, the Pew Research Center asked Americans to provide the one word that best describes their current impressions of Congress. The results were overwhelmingly negative. Of those offering a response, 86% said something negative while just 4% gave a positive one-word description. The three most frequently offered terms were dysfunctional (21 people offered this), corrupt (20) and some version of selfish (19). Many of the words reflected perceptions that Congress has been unable or unwilling to enact legislation (inept, confusing, gridlock, etc.).

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  1. TJP says:

    Yeah, but the people who offered: inefficient, partisan, inept, divided, do-nothing, disappointing, slow, inadequate, dissatisf[ying] and ineffective….are complaining that Congress has yet to “authorize” a good neck-stomping and machine-gunning of those who aren’t True Believers in the statist religion.

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