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Traffic Girls from the Sky!

The latest secret weapon from North Korea, via Agripa in IRC

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Secret Squirrel

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One low bridge, 10 truck crashes

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Stunning Scientific Discovery!

Sharp as a Marble: BREAKING–Scientific discovery may disprove Planck Time

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Talk about fake but accurate!

One of my guilty pleasures is watching youtube videos of idiots on snow and ice.

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Junk Touchers

Via Reason

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My GBC Secret Santa

Sent me an iClean. Good one Farmdad! UPDATE: Apparently it was a conspiracy. Salamander made the logo. I laughed my ass off when I opened it. 😀

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IDPA Explained.

OK, that’s funny.

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Tron Jeremy

EMBED-Tron Jeremy – Watch more free videos Via Tango in IRC.

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Quantitative Easing Explained: We’re screwed.

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