Predicting the future

This post on Powerline reminded me of a book I read…

Obama, meanwhile, seems too arrogant to recognize the blowback his arrogant, and indeed hostile, approach to our traditional allies is bound to produce. This is not surprising. Obama’s policies towards our traditional allies are the product of attitude, not of calculation. He may well be temperamentally unable to calculate their costs.

Oh yeah… This one.

On Manticore, the administration of Prime Minister High Ridge focuses on strengthening its political position. The Royal Manticoran Navy’s budget has been cut down to satisfy the new government’s welfare projects and political finance schemes. Manticore’s allies, most notably Grayson and Erewhon, are infuriated with the new government’s carelessness and outright rudeness in foreign affairs. From their seats in the House of Lords, Honor Harrington and Hamish Alexander voice their opposition to the High Ridge Administration’s policies, and the government takes actions to discredit the war heroes.

Sound familiar? That was written in 2002.


If David Weber has a functional time machine I need to borrow it.

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  1. Wow. I never even thought of similarities there. Nice catch, Alan!

    Weber writes fiction, of course, but one has to wonder sometimes…;)

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