Springfield Custom 1911

I saw this 1911 at the Springfield booth, in the custom section. It doesn’t even have a model, they just made it up from parts.

It has a short frame and a 4.5 inch barrel and fits my hands like it was made for me personally. Drool.

You really CAN tell a difference between a custom fitted gun and a regular production gun.

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  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    Tight as a duck’s butt, it was! I saw you raving at the trigger pull, so I checked for clear and pointed it at the floor….and the trigger didn’t budge. Safety was off, and I was gripping the grip safety.

    Nope, just when I eased the slide back to place the gun failed to go into battery. A quick rack and I was feeling the uber-crisp trigger.

    Was VERY nice.

  3. mike w. says:

    That gun was damn sexy!

    I was impressed with their production guns as well. I really need to get myself a 1911.

  4. craig says:

    That model is a Champion Bobtail from the SA Custom Shop.

  5. Rabbit says:

    Wow, that’s really nice. Bonus points for bobtail.

  6. alan says:

    OK then. The Champion Bobtail is on my list.

  7. CueBall says:

    Sexy grips! And overall it does look purty.