Those "evil" knives

I was always taught that a dull knife was dangerous. Apparently Cy Vance was in a different class (possibly in a different universe).

“What makes these knives so dangerous is the ease with which they can be concealed and brandished,” Manhattan district Attorney Cy Vance said Thursday.

Note the confusion between the thing and the activity. Cy thinks things are imbued with inherent animistic qualities. That a tool can be evil or good, completely separate from the person using it.  Perhaps he thought Lord of the Rings was a documentary.

In his quest to rid the city of evil, Cy took a page from the gun banners book and put up a display of evil for a photo op.   Witness the horribleness:

Oh, the humanity!

They’re pocket knives, Cy. Useful tools that everyone should carry. I personally have carried one every day of my life since I was eight years old. Why don’t you grow a pair and go prosecute some real criminals instead of going after Home Depot for selling (gasp) tools.

Magical thinking has no place in government or the legal profession.

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4 Responses to Those "evil" knives

  1. breda says:

    “Perhaps he thought Lord of the Rings was a documentary.”

    That’s funny right there.

  2. FarmDad says:

    The point i took from the article i read was that HD had to surrender profits for 4 years of knife sales .

  3. roadkill says:

    Vermin. Assisted openers are not switchblades. Their definition says ‘inside the handle’, the thumbstuds and the flippers are not inside the handle when it is either locked open or fully closed. Of course it doesn’t matter. Truth matters not when there’s big salaries to be justified.

  4. Wade says:

    How does one both conceal AND brandish? Whenever some chucklehead is going on about how much smarter New Yorkers are than everyone else, I just remind them that these super-geniuses elected Bloomberg and Spitzer. Now I can add Vance to the idiot list.

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