Via Borepatch.

This is what I want in a politician:

2012. Please?

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4 Responses to Win!

  1. Scott McCray says:

    Making campaign promises and keeping them…imagine that? Add Bob McDonnell and that’s a winning ticket!

  2. Timmeehh says:

    Funny right below this post is your condemnation of prohibition. Guess where your boy stands on that issue?

    He’s also soft on illegal immigration, he’s wishy-washy on abortion and gun rights.

    This guy is a RINO, I wouldn’t trust him to be dog catcher.

  3. alan says:


    Are you one of those people that voted for Obama because McCain wasn’t conservative enough?

  4. At least the guy wouldn’t make America as a whole look like a total spineless wuss unlike our dear President Obama.

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