I need 30 round mags

There’s been a lot of talk about need lately.

Saying things in absolute terms like:

“No one needs 30 round magazines”

Well, I do.

I have a machine gun that fires 1400 rounds a minute. It can empty a 30 round magazine in less than two seconds. It would empty a ten round magazine in less than half a second.

Ten round mags are useless on a machine gun.

So yeah, I need 30 round magazines.

Your argument is invalid.

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9 Responses to I need 30 round mags

  1. Canthros says:

    Alan, the people who think you shouldn’t have 30-round magazines probably also think you shouldn’t have a machine gun. Or a gun, at all. I don’t think that argument’s going to persuade much of anybody not already in agreement with you.

    Truth is, I don’t think this has ever been about need.

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  3. mike w. says:

    2 seconds, half a second, what’s the difference?

    That’s what they’ll say, that is if they haven’t gone apeshit once you said “machine gun”

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  5. ASM826 says:

    No one needs a color TV, or a cellphone, or a personal automobile, either. What is this need they speak of? Is America, want is enough!

    I want a 54″ flatscreen with 400 channels, an I-Phone 4, and a shiny 70 Chevelle with Chrome wheels and a 396.

    Oh yeah, and I want the biggest magazines that fit the gun and feed reliably, too.

  6. Wally says:

    your logic is flawless.

  7. Das_blake says:

    Now that you mention it, I want those things too (except I’ll take a Shelby Mustang 500kr convertible) 😉

  8. Skeptic says:

    OK, but let’s be reasonable. You may not need a lathe, but you want one. I have no problem with your having one.
    When I see people who have six lathes or more in their workshop, I begin to wonder, however. I think it is only reasonable, given the inherent hazards of working with lathes, that we have some reasonable, common-sense controls.
    Nothing onerous, of course, just simple form to fill out at city-hall, where they can check whether you are really suitable to own a lathe. And mandatory lock-outs on the power cord.

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