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6 Responses to Unpossible!

  1. Gudis says:

    Naturally half of the youtube commenters believe that it’s real, I’ll bet they vote too.

  2. JohnOC says:

    Funniest comment I saw: “Negative points for not pouring it out of a klein bottle.”

  3. Crotalus says:

    Wow! A Photoshopped M.C. Escher! Cool!

  4. Crotalus says:

    Now I.m not sure it’s Photoshopped, since it’s a video, but there is a giveaway in the reflection on the floor. Look at the right tower. It goes up two stories, but in its upside-down reflection, it only goes down one story.

  5. Crotalus says:

    Good one, JohnOC! I deliver newspapers, and every now and then, the plastic strap that binds the papers gets a half-twist in it, so it becomes a Mobius strip. I think that’s the only topological figure that can be represented in reality.

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