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SRSLY, take it. HUD for your car. I need this.

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Almost 4,000,000 views in one day

It’s a music video shot on the ISS. Commander Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity.

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40 knots. In a sailboat.

Oh hell yes. 😀

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Another Good Commie

Excellent news.

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Macbook Air Cozy

Ever since I’ve had an 11 inch Macbook Air, I’ve used a bubble mailer as a sleeve. It’s cheap, and worked pretty good, even if it’s kinda ugly. Breda’s mom hated it though so she knitted me this awesome camouflage … Continue reading

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Best Store Ever!

The End Of The Commons General Store in Mespo, OH. Absolutely the best store I have ever been in. The have a bit of everything and the best pumpkin fudge you’ve ever tasted.

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Shooting Anvils

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Building the Golden Gate Bridge

This is a new category, “Stuff we couldn’t do today.”

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iPhone video puzzle

This is so cool!

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Dirty Signs!

My new time waster! It’s Dirty Signs with Kristin.

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