Full Auto: Stop The Madness!

Jay’s Wookie Suit came back from the cleaners and he’s wearing it in style today.

As for full auto, I file that under my ongoing war against the war on stuff.

Certain behaviors: murder, assault, theft, robbery, fraud, etc. are and should be illegal.

But making things illegal is just stupid. A thing, by itself, can do no harm. It takes a person, misusing it, to commit a crime.

The war on things profits lazy and corrupt politicians and cops. Lazy and corrupt politicians pass a dumb law so they can look like they’re doing something and the lazy and corrupt cops can go confiscate a thing (without a trial) and profit from it.

It’s time to stop the war on things.

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2 Responses to Full Auto: Stop The Madness!

  1. Mark Alger says:

    Don’t forget stuff. No War on (Some) Stuff. Bring the troops home.


  2. Alan,

    You know that unless full-auto fans get the help of certain 800-lb gorillas (like that’s gonna happen), we’ll be the red-headed stepchildren of the firearms world.

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