Your ZOMG! THE TERRORISTS! piece would be better if the photo wasn’t of a guy holding a plastic toy.

A blue eyed, white guy holding a toy gun. That was from last Halloween, wasn’t it?

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3 Responses to Credibility?

  1. Gudis says:

    I can’t stand shit like this, has the editor ever seen a real gun? or a real Arab for that matter? I haven’t looked much into it (I really don’t want to watch all two hours of unedited video myself) but that NPR video evidently used some Michael Moorish editing. That shit doesn’t fly with me even if you can get away with it, but Jesus, you’re posting it on the internet and you don’t think people will notice the fucking editing? I could have it all wrong, but Brietbart seems more and more like a Republican Michael Moore.

  2. Ancient Woodsman says:

    “A blue eyed, white guy holding a toy gun.” You just described most employees of the ATF, so yes, that’s a terrorist, eh?

  3. Bob S. says:

    The photo probably isn’t a mistake but a foretelling.

    They could have used a picture of a “Coyote” smuggling humans, they could have used a picture of 1 of thousands of actual real live terrorists.

    But they deliberately chose to use a “blue-eyed white guy” because that, in my opinion, is who they want to target and stop.

    Can’t have any those ‘people’ thinking for themselves, owning guns and such. Part and parcel with the “right wing extremist” meme going around.

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