Another Obama Vacation

The Middle East is in revolt, Japan has been shaken and is melting down and the US domestic economy is still in the toilet.

Perfect time for the Ditherer in Chief to take the family on another vacation.

It’s almost as if things are going according to plan.

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3 Responses to Another Obama Vacation

  1. Jay G. says:

    Now, now, Alan.

    He *did* come out with a mealy-mouth plea for more gun control. That oughta hold ’em!

  2. Weer'd Beard says:

    The man never held a job, or made any accomplishments prior to becoming President. You can’t hire anybody with a resume like that and expect them to work!

  3. breda says:

    Well, you know…making picks for the 2011 NCAA Tournament is exhausting, I’m sure he needs another vacation.

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