S&W E-Series 1911

The new Smith & Wesson E-Series 1911 at the NRA convention.

I was very impressed. The fish scales on the slide are very grippy, better than standard vertical ridges without wanting to tearing your fingers up. The sights are good and the ambi safety has no play in it at all. It really feels like a custom gun that’s been gone over by a competent gunsmith, certainly not a standard production gun.

I must have one.

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7 Responses to S&W E-Series 1911

  1. Tarb says:

    I’m starting to feel that way, if I can get one here. Have you had a look at the Ruger 1911 yet? How’s that measure up?

  2. Is it a sign of OCD that I recognized Breda’s hands in the photos before I looked at the Kentucky Long Rifle post to confirm?

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  4. @Sean – Yes but I must have it, too. I saw the nail polish and knew it was Breda.

  5. That’s what tipped me off. She was talking about nail polish colors on Twitter.

  6. RobertM says:

    This is on my ‘buy ASAP’ list.

  7. Weer'd Beard says:

    Was fiddling with a few, and they seemed brick-shithouse solid.

    My only reservations is I haven’t seen a high round-count test with them.

    Still if anybody can make a strong entry-level 1911 Ruger might be one.

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