Zero-Tolerance and the TSA

I stopped doing TSA fail posts because it’s just too hard to keep up with all the fail. This one caught my eye though because it’s illustrates WHY the TSA will never be anything but a complete failure.

A TSA baggage inspector was arrested for stealing iPads from luggage. Yawn, yeah I know. Dog bites man.

But what is interesting is this:

The TSA issued a statement calling the arrest part of a “zero-tolerance policy for allegations of misconduct or theft” at the airport.

They can’t even stop their OWN EMPLOYEES from stealing.

How are they supposed to stop the terrorists?

The TSA has never caught a terrorist and they never will.

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3 Responses to Zero-Tolerance and the TSA

  1. Riley says:

    Ive got to fly next week. I wish Georgia wasnt so far away. Damn it.

  2. Fisher1949 says:

    This makes 12 TSA worker arrested this year including one last week for child pornography.. This agency is so full of criminals and perverts that it looks like a work release program. Is this one of the 20 layers of security that TSA touts?

    TSA only fires these criminals after they get caught These thefts were reported a year ago 2009 but they allowed him work anyway. TSA and the management at DFW should be held personally liable for exposing passengers to this criminal and allowing his crime spree to continue.

    In 2011 there were 72 TSA screeners arrested for serious crimes, including 11 for child sex crimes and 4 for smuggling drugs through security. The agency has demonstrated a high number of criminals and child molesters yet TSA allows these people full access to passenger’s bodies and property.

    TSA’s lack of oversight and responsible management enables these crimes and abuses to continue to occur. Pistole has failed miserably and he and the agency need to be replaced with a sensible and effective system. Napolitano, Pistole and those responsible for inflicting this travesty on America should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and the Constitution.

  3. alan says:

    But hey! Zero-tolerance!

    The cognitive dissonance would be comical if it wasn’t such a disaster.

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