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“I’m not embarrassed,” she said. “I just think they’re stupid and their machinery is defective and they should learn to whisper when they’re talking about my crotch, or anyone’s crotch.” —Jeffrey Goldberg’s Mother-in-law

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Zero-Tolerance and the TSA

I stopped doing TSA fail posts because it’s just too hard to keep up with all the fail. This one caught my eye though because it’s illustrates WHY the TSA will never be anything but a complete failure. A TSA … Continue reading

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ZOMG! The TSA still sucks!

Why would anyone expect good out of that miserable pit of fail?

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Papers Please

Remember the TSA saying if you didn’t want to get groped, don’t fly? Not so much. Just another click on the police state ratchet.

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TSA: Now even worse!

Just when you thought the TSA couldn’t get any worse: Now they’re unionized! The funny thing is the union does almost nothing for the TSA employees. The TSA workers will only be able to bargain over a limited number of … Continue reading

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Rand Paul to TSA: “You’re Clueless”

Via SayUncle

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TSA: Keeping the elephants away

You know the old joke, the one about the man in the park tearing newspaper into strips and throwing it on the ground. “Why are you doing that?” someone asks. He says, “I’m doing it to keep the elephants away.” … Continue reading

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TSA Anti-Groping bill back on in Texas!

Governor Perry has added the anti-groping bill to the special session. Gov. Rick Perry announced he had added legislation that would make it illegal for TSA agents to engage in “intrusive touching” at airports security checkpoints without probable cause to … Continue reading

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Texas TSA bill: Dewhurst back on board?

According to The Hill, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst has asked Gov. Rick Perry to include the measure in a special session. Dewhurst reported asked lawmakers to withdraw the bill when federal officials threatened to cancel flights to Texas if it passed. … Continue reading

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TSA PervOscans™ out of favor

The latest Homeland Security appropriations bill eliminated funding for more airport PervOscan™ machines. However, the bill does not provide $76 million requested by the President for 275 additional advanced inspection technology (AIT) scanners nor the 535 staff requested to operate … Continue reading

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