A left handed endorsement of Obama

And since I’m left handed I can say that.

Borepatch has endorsed Obama for President in 2012

And I mostly agree with his reasoning.

By nominating Romney the GOP has proven itself once again to be a creature of big government insiders and go along to get along beltway bandits. (This is my shocked face) Romney supporters point to Obama saying, “Look how bad he is”, while ignoring that for the most part Obama has merely maintained a course set by Bush who mostly followed the course set by Clinton who followed the one set by Bush. (See a pattern yet?) They offer no evidence that Romney would steer a different course and frankly I don’t think he would. The GOP insiders, like the Democrat insiders, are perfectly happy with the direction the country is headed, they just want to be the ones at the helm. (Graft is so much easier when you’re in charge)

This election, like all the others, it an illusion. You’re offered the illusion of choice but it’s between two sides of the same coin and the game is rigged.

Heads, they win and tails, you lose.

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4 Responses to A left handed endorsement of Obama

  1. Nancy R. says:

    I keep trying to find a reason to disagree and I can’t, really. Sometimes it’s better to just rip off the band-aid and deal.

  2. Borepatch says:

    Boy, some folks didn’t like that idea, though.

  3. Weer'd Beard says:

    And remember, the pointy-head GOP hacks will call a Romney win a “mandate”, and will continue to advise Nanny RINOs to run for office.

    Meanwhile with a Romney loss (better yet, a Romney crushed in the polls) has a small, but non-zero chance of waking the opposition up.

    It certainly did with the Democrats when an unpopular Bush stomped John Kerry, but maybe that was a fluke.

    I’ll also remind people that Deval Patrick is not running for re-election in Massachusetts, and his first term was VERY similar to Obama’s, and he hasn’t even been sighted in the state for the last two years after he won.

    So, there’s that against the people who predict an “Emboldened Obama”. I just don’t think Obama cares about policy, he just likes having people listening to his speeches and taking his picture.

  4. LittleRed1 says:

    I’ve been watching the state and local elections more than the national one. That’s where the important matters are going to be decided- state governments, US House and US Senate.

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