40 knots. In a sailboat.

Oh hell yes. 😀

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4 Responses to 40 knots. In a sailboat.

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    Powering your boat with the wind! Pift! There’s this neat thing called diesel fuel!

    Neat boat, looks like it has an airfoil as a mast just to give it loads more sail with less drag.

    Its the 1911 race gun of boats. Ancient out-dated design taken to the modern extreme!

  2. Crotalus says:

    Dayum, that’s an awesome boat!

  3. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, but it’s ALSO very easy to pitchpole the boat… As they did, and destroyed it!!!

  4. Crotalus says:


    Okay, so it ain’t stable. That’s too bad.

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