A new low standard for sleazy in the gun biz.

I received this email yesterday from “gunauction.com”.

Dear Alan,

My name is David Smith and I work for GunAuction.com. Your website, www.snarkybytes.com has sparked our interest. Recently we have realized that we are in need of high ranking blogs about guns. Our company is working to build a blog network that will be seen by millions. With gun rights under attack, we want to create an effective network for letting the public know about current legislation, and new gun products. We’ve started some blogs from scratch, but as you know, it will be months before they develop a following. With the work you’ve already done, we would like to acquire your blog so that we can release our content quickly and effectively. In order to maintain your page rank and not alienate your reader base, our intention would be to keep the content of what you have – just use your blog as a base to release even more gun related material.

If you are willing to utilize our content or even sell us your blog, please let me know. Depending on your ranking and quality of blog we would be willing to compensate you accordingly.

David Smith
Phone: #530-831-0236
Support: #877-486-2828

Sorry “David”, not only will I not sell you my blog but I’ll ridicule your sleazy attempt at SEO on the backs of established bloggers. The last thing we need is another bottom feeding gun blog network. I hope no one takes you up on your offer and I’ll be adding gunauction.com to the list of companies I won’t do business with.

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8 Responses to A new low standard for sleazy in the gun biz.

  1. JB Miller says:

    I got the exact same email on two different accounts.

  2. Jeffersonian says:

    Only on one email account so far, but got a follow-up thanking me for considering his proposal a few minutes ago.

    I didn’t know I had enough readers to show up on that kind of radar.

  3. falnfenix says:

    i got the same email twice…and lord knows i don’t get enough hits to be on their radar.

  4. patton1959 says:

    Funny. I got one also, and I don’t HAVE a Blog (Blogging is Dead, right?). So who got my eMail account? Which one of you out there who says in their details “Shall Not Be Shared” LIED!? Or is Google just selling off my Private Stuff? One wonders.

  5. Old NFO says:

    Same here, twice too… sigh…

  6. Tam says:

    You too? The best was the third email that began “Thank you for your reply…” when I’d just fished all three out of the spam trap at the same time.

    Reply? What reply? I didn’t even know there was anybody I needed to tell to go to hell yet.

  7. Gwen Patton says:

    I got two of these, one wanting to buy the site, one wanting link space. I reported both of them, they were so obviously shady.

  8. SPQR says:

    Have you ever read Ken at Popehat’s replies to SEO bottom feeders? Hilarious.

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