I has an iPhone!


The LOLCAT seemed appropriate. Fresh new unboxed iPhone.

I bought it at an AT&T store in Philly. No line, I just walked in around 7:30 pm and bought it. There were a few people in the store but the manager said there were fifty people in line before 6:00. Not having to activate in the store saves a lot of time and they run you through the process quickly. The staff were exited and friendly. It was obvious the event was well planned. Kudos to AT&T. (and Apple!)

Update: Activation. Ugh. Going on three hours with no activation yet. AT&T says their computers are overwhelmed.

I guess the guy that planned the store process didn’t give a heads up to IT.

Update: Five hours and now my number is transfered. The hold up was the number transfer and contrary to the documentation, you can’t do anything with the phone until the transfer is complete.

Apple and/or AT&T technical writers? You got some ‘splanin to do.

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