Moving Day

Today I’m moving out of the apartment I’ve been staying in while visiting Philly.  The lease is up and we’re too near the end of the project to start another one.  I got a pretty good deal on a long term stay at the Crowne Plaza over in Joisey.   Less space, but maid service!   They claim to have “High Speed Internet” (I think it’s a T1 shared over the whole hotel) so I will miss the cable modem and it’s 20mbps download speed.  (thanks Comcast)   Worst case I have EVDO to fall back on.


It’s funny how your definition of high speed changes.   In 1995 I thought a T1 to the Internet was smoking fast.   Now It’s like dialup.     My fastest ever connection was a desktop with a Gigabit Ethernet connection to a Cisco 12008 that had an OC12 to GBLX and was also connected via an OC48 to another 12008 with a Gig E connection to Verio.   Great Times.


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