Dog Blogging – Two Of Four

Fletcher And Boris

Fletcher the weenie dog and Boris the black lab.

Fletcher is indulging in his favorite activity.     We got him from a shelter when he was eight or so.  A year later his back slipped a disk and he temporarily lost the use of his back legs.  A few thousand dollars later, and much time at the vet, he recovered somewhat.   His back legs still don’t work quite right and when he’s excited they tend to slide out from under him.   That doesn’t stop him from the single minded pursuit of digging out under any fence that happens to contain him.   He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and congestive heart failure so he spends most of his time inside now.

Boris came from a friend of a friend of a friend who didn’t realize that cute little puppy would grow WAY to big for a little apartment.

Some people don’t deserve dogs.

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