Unrequited Lust

I’m burying the lede on this one so please bear with me…

I love watches.

But I’m hell on them too.

After a lifetime of searching I finally found a watch that can stand up to my abuse and stay unblemished and (more importantly) continue working. It’s a Marathon GSAR. Waterproof and Radioactive, the perfect combination.

If I could show you the battered remains of my previous watches you’d understand. If you’re a fellow watch abuser you know my pain. The heady purchase of a beautiful new watch. It’s solar powered, or titanium, or both and it’s perfect. But inevitably looks fade under the constant wear and unkind abuse. Soon it’s an ugly, scratched eyesore and must be replaced.

Now, perhaps, you can understand my pain this morning when I saw this on Engadget.

Yes, it’s a cellphone watch, and it’s beautiful and useful. I want it so bad it hurts.

But it can never be.

That watch wouldn’t last an hour on my wrist. It would be, literally, destroyed within minutes.


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