TSA Gets A Clue?

From MSN, via Snowflakes in Hell and Firearms And Freedom:

“With the federal government looking for ways to improve passenger screening, staffers at the Transportation Security Administration have made a suggestion to their bosses — to lift the ban on carrying sharp objects, like scissors, knives, or screwdrivers, which was imposed just a few days after the 9/11 hijackings.

With cockpit doors now reinforced, TSA staffers argue that those objects can no longer be used to bring a plane down.”

“And passengers would be required to remove their shoes only if they set off the metal detectors or are selected for extra screening.”

How about a great big helping of Duh?

After almost seven years of this idiotic security theater TSA staffers are just now getting around to suggesting that all the checkpoint shenanigans are a stupid waste of time? Could it be that the TSA has seen the error of it’s ways? Or is it that they really suck at detecting these things and they want to just redefine the rules so the TSOs don’t look so bad? Either way I’m all in favor of it.

Of course MSN maintains the false balance required by today’s media by mentioning that the stewardess’s flight attendant’s union is against the idea.

““If you think there’s some means of self-defense in that cabin, you are sadly mistaken,” says Patricia Friend of the Association of Flight Attendants, adding, “It’s not there, and if the TSA has their way, the person sitting next to you could have a knife or a boxcutter.””

Well sweetie, let me (and all the other concealed carry licensees) carry on the plane and there will be plenty of self-defense in the cabin.

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