Blog Statistics and Stat Counters: Fail

Since the SiteMeter fiasco I’ve been looking at stat counters and I’ve tried several.

There’s a problem though: They all report different numbers.

They can’t even agree on a simple thing like page loads.

Obviously the ones that rely on scripts can be blocked from running by browsers, but you’d think the ones that run on the blog itself and count the pages served would at least know how many pages they’ve served out. But they don’t.

It might be that one I’ve tried is correct and all the others wrong, but they ALL report different numbers.

So now I have to pull the raw server logs and see if one of the stat counter comes close. I’m not betting on it.

UPDATE: It’s possible that they’re all operating from different definitions of what they purport to measure.

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  1. Jim says:

    Let me know if you find one. I dumped sitemeter and I’m finding StatCounter to be bulky and hard to decypher.