Just eight? What a wimp!

And from that same article there was this nonsense tacked on at the end:

Other big donors also had personal encounters with Obama. Houston businessman Bill Perkins, who held a fundraiser in November 2007, relaxed with the candidate afterward, talking about taxes, watching football and engaging in a spontaneous pull-up competition, which Obama won.

“They were the kind where you wrap your hand over the bar, not under the bar,” Perkins said. “He did eight of them. That’s not easy.”

First, what a bunch of sick sycophantic drivel.

Second, I’m an out of shape 45 and I can do more than eight pull-ups. That’s just embarrassing.

What kind of pansy is impressed with eight pull-ups?

How is President Obama going to be able to look Putin in the eye knowing he can only do eight pull-ups?

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  1. 8?

    Putin hunts, and fishes.

    It’ll be funny watching Putin trying to keep a straight face.