Tell me again, who is the party of "the people"?

From The Washington Post:

Nearly 100 wealthy families and power couples contributed at least $100,000 each to help Barack Obama over the past two years, creating an elite set of donors to whom the president-elect repeatedly turned in financing his campaign, transition and inauguration, a Washington Post analysis shows.

Hmm… Elites.

Among the supporters were well-known families such as the Rockefellers, as well as lesser-known backers such as New Yorker Frank Brosens, a leader in the hedge fund industry, who raised $500,000 for Obama’s campaign and inauguration in addition to the $182,000 he gave with his wife, parents and three sons.

The rich and powerful.

And yet somehow the Stupid Party has the reputation of being the party of the rich.

The Republicans aren’t just stupid they suck at PR too.

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