YAY! Texas is #1 in Machine Guns!

ATF stats (If you can believe them) show Texas in the lead in machine gun ownership.

Data published in 2000 showed 18,919 NFA machine guns in Texas, more than any other state. There are 277,360 NFA machine guns in the US. Unless the ATF declares another amnesty or the Hughes amendment is repealed, that number isn’t going to change which is why the price of my M11 has increased over 700% since I bought it.

I would gladly give up ALL of that unrealized gain for a repeal of the Hughes amendment.

Via Ride Fast
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  1. Packetman says:


    Agree with your sentiments on the repeal of the Hughes amendment. When I joined the Corps (in ’86) I came very close to having my CAR-15 papered and converted ….. but I didn’t.

    From an economic standpoint, if the purpose of the NFA was to raise revenue, then the BATFE should encourage *more* NFA weapons, and significantly reduce the cost of the stamp. I propose $50 for full-auto, $10 for suppressors, $5 for SBR’s, maybe $100 for destructive devices.

    To sleep, perchance to dream …….

  2. Thirdpower says:

    Well of course. How else are we going to keep supplying the Mexican cartels?

  3. Ride Fast says:

    Repeal the Hughes amendment, then refund everyone who’s NFA weapon drops in price within one year. Fund it with the salaries of Congress and the President until we’re all even.