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Metcalf keeps digging…

…and proves he’s a bigger dumb ass than I thought. But Metcalf is now challenging some of his more vocal critics with four questions. Here they are: 1. If you believe the 2nd Amendment should be subject to no regulation … Continue reading

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The cat is so very out of the bag now

Thanks to the Streisand effect, the Defense Distributed Liberator is getting more publicity than ever. You would think that someone at the State Department would remember the PGP T-Shirt. Knowing something can be done is usually all it takes to … Continue reading

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Using their First Amendment free speech right with new technology (that didn’t exist in 1789) to argue against people being able to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights with new technology. That’s worth a Biden facepalm.

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Registration and Confiscation is the goal

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The reality of gun control

This is the ultimate goal of all gun control proposals. A totally disarmed population, incapable of resisting the tyranny they want to impose.

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Just say no to Traver

Putting Andrew Traver in charge of the ATF would be like putting David Duke in charge of the Civil Rights Commission. The 2nd Amendment is a civil right and we don’t need people antagonistic to civil rights anywhere in the … Continue reading

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Open Carry, again.

Robb has a great post on open carry activism and I was leaving a comment there but it got long and ranty so I moved it here. Go read his post first, I’ll wait. I don’t really care about whether … Continue reading

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NFA ’34 – Why it’s weird

I’ve always thought the National Firearms Act of 1934 was a strange beast. It seemed to be a mishmash of somewhat unrelated items, a grab bag of political expediency. Thanks to David Hardy, it’s a little clearer why that is. … Continue reading

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Setup and take down in one swell foop

Sean has a masterful setup and take down of a Brady. It is a thing of beauty.

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The Truth About Gun Control

A crazy guy with a gun or a bomb can take a few people with him. A coordinated group can sometimes kill thousands. But to slaughter millions takes a government and in all cases the population was disarmed first.

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