Texas: 9 on Brady scorecard. I'm ashamed.

Texas got a 9 on the latest Brady scorecard.

That’s nice, but Utah got a zero.

In fact there were many states doing better than Texas…

NM, AZ, AK, UT, ID, MT, ND, SD, KS, OK, MO, AR, LA, MS, FL, GA, WV, IN and VT all scored lower than Texas.

I’m ashamed.

Texas got points for:

Preventing access to ages 16/17 and under (5 pts)
Employers not forced to allow firearms on premises (2 pts)
Colleges are not forced to allow firearms on campus (2 pts)

I’m pretty sure the parking lot bill will take care of that 2nd item and there is absolutely no reason to not allow firearms on campuses. I’m all in favor of kids with guns too, (Daughter has her own .22 now) so let’s kill that first one too.

Looks like we have work to do Texas. I won’t accept anything less than a zero next time.

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11 Responses to Texas: 9 on Brady scorecard. I'm ashamed.

  1. Breda says:

    TX, get OC pls. kthx.

  2. Tracie says:

    TN has those three and a few more, but some things are improving. However, TN still did worse than TX, so be happy about that.

  3. RobertM says:

    I would prefer Alabama had a lower score (16 is far to high), and hopefully it will soon. There is a bill in the legislature to prevent employers from telling employees they can’t keep a gun in their vehicles. Also, they seem to be under the impression that guns aren’t allowed on AL college campuses. Unless something has changed recently UA@Birmingham allows guns in vehicles for self defense.

  4. Weer'd Beard says:

    How did Maine and New Hampshire score higher than you guys?

    Texas gun laws SUCK!

  5. BUFF_dragon says:

    HAHA!!!!!! I WIN!!!!!!! almost… KY got 2 points, we’re really gonna have to work on that pesky Campus Carry bullshit.

    We need to FORCE UK to allow campus carry, they are the main school that makes big noise to oppose it…. but that may be coming to an end thanks to them being stupid and firing a grad student with a CCW for having a legally owned gun in his glovebox in the parking lot (according to state law, it is legal to do so) and they listed that as their reason for firing him….. law suit has been filed

  6. bluesun says:

    Hol-y crap. MT got a 4, but what kills me is that they say “…gun traffickers don’t need to leave the state to funnel illegal guns to felons and gang members,” completely proving how clueless they are. Montana has no gangs. Seriously. Plenty of conservative (slightly crazy, maybe) ranchers, though.

  7. Old NFO says:

    VA got a 17… we suck…

  8. joe says:

    Yes, I agree. We’re working on it, though. We have 2 bills that may bring that score down a little, regarding parking lots (not crazy about the wording of this one) and the handgun rationing law. If those make it through, we’ll be down to 12. Still bad, but not too awful. I would like to see state colleges be pre-empted, but I think it’s dead this session.

  9. Old NFO says:

    Agree Joe! At least VDCL is out working for us!

  10. Stan says:

    Michigan got a 23 but they are incorrect in their belief that finger prints and safety training/testing is required to get a permit to purchase (which is only for pistols, nasty as it is) the closest this is you have to answer a little fifteen question test and get 70% correct. Fingerprints and training are only required for a license to carry concealed.

    But hey, it’s probably too much to expect them to get this stuff correct, it’s only listed on the Michigan State Police website and has been for years.

  11. Crotalus says:

    YOU”RE ashamed?!?!? You got nothin’ on me! I live in the People’s Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia! This evil state has Brady’s highest number!

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