Dammit Apple, don't make me hate you!

Microsoft lost me decades ago.

Apple may be next.

Apple this week has continued its crackdown against what it feels are substandard applications in its App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, this time removing Wi-Fi scanners and software it said has “minimum user functionality.”

WTF? What the hell is wrong with a WiFi scanner?

According to the development studio Three Jacks Software, Apple removed its application, called “WiFi-Where,” due to its alleged use of unpublished APIs within the iPhone OS software development kit. The developer noted that other applications, including WifiTrak, WiFiFoFum, yFy Network Finder, WiFi Get, eWifi, and WiFi Analyzer were also removed.

I happen to use WiFiFoFum a lot. It’s handy to get a quick sweep of frequencies in use when I set up an AP, or to find interference problems. Not as good as a spectrum analyzer, but it’s cheap (free) and I always have it with me.

I REALLY like my iPhone and I’ve had one since the day they came out in 2007. But I’m really getting tired of Apple’s heavy handed approach to the app store.

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  1. Mr Torvalds is calling ……..

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