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Something doesn’t smell right here…

How does this: Plus this: Equal this: Makes no sense, but then I never bought into the whole left/right thing anyway. The quiz is here.

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Open Carry Motivator

Bob G sent me this based on a comment I made on Another Gun Blog.

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Who is a Terrorist?

You can tell who the liberals are afraid of by looking at who they call a terrorist. Islamic suicide bombers are not a threat to liberals. There aren’t enough of them in the world to interfere with liberals’ plans for … Continue reading

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Thatcher on socialism

No wonder they hate her.

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End of the War on (some) Drugs?

Barney Frank and Ron Paul will introduce a bill that would end federal marijuana prohibition. It’s a small, and very unlikely, step but a long overdue one. The War on (some) Drugs has done FAR more damage to this country … Continue reading

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Loser party

The GOP is looking to cave on the the debt ceiling. GOP: The party of FAIL.

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Debt Ceiling: Leave it.

Unless the Obama administration ignores the debt ceiling, we now have the novel situation of the Federal Government having to have a balanced budget. I say leave it that way. Force the Feds to live within their means What good … Continue reading

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Parking lot bill passes Texas House!

The Texas House passed SB 321, the parking lot bill, yesterday. Yesterday, the Texas House passed Senate Bill 321, NRA-backed employee protection/parking lot legislation sponsored by state Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy) and state Representative Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Lexington), by a 117-29 … Continue reading

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Allen West: “The truth needs to be said.”

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Stupid people do stupid things

And a strong government leverages the power of stupid.

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