Stupidity or Malice?

Over at Joe’s there’s a great example of the anti-gun mind.

Joan Peterson is a Brady Campaign board member. Based on her responses to Joe she is either so incredibly stupid it’s a wonder she’s not in an institution or she’s just lying.

I’m going with lying. It’s what they do.

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2 Responses to Stupidity or Malice?

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    In this case calling her a “Liar” is the charitable thing.

    As I said everyplace else she’s personally invested in the stripping of gun rights. If she were to tell the truth now her little house of cards would collapse around her.

    At this point its SO much more important looking like an abject fool and a liar than to have Paul Helmke unfriend her on facebook.

    I pity her….but not enough to care that she’s destroying herself.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Geez… That is just pathetic…

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