Train of Tomorrow

“Over 100 miles per hour!”

The national 55 mph speed limit of the 70s wasn’t the first time the Feds foisted a speed limit disaster on the nation. In 1949 the Interstate Commerce Commission imposed a 79 mph speed limit on trains. The new speed limit doomed passenger train travel which was already struggling due to competition from airplanes and automobiles.

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2 Responses to Train of Tomorrow

  1. You mean that the government regulated something resulting in the death of an industry. Unpossible I say! The government could never do that!!!

    Oh wait… That’s merely another data point in a long “train” of abuses… pun intended.

  2. Old NFO says:

    Good video of the ‘old’ days… And that speed limit is the reason we can’t have high speed trains today. The roadbed is not good enough!

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