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20 years then and now

This article got me thinking about pop culture and changes over generations. Rock Around The Clock was the theme song of the immensely popular TV show, Happy Days, which was filmed in the 70s and was about the 50s. One … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Marines!

237 years old today. Let’s hope it survives the next four years.

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Train of Tomorrow

“Over 100 miles per hour!” The national 55 mph speed limit of the 70s wasn’t the first time the Feds foisted a speed limit disaster on the nation. In 1949 the Interstate Commerce Commission imposed a 79 mph speed limit … Continue reading

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Rock Roots

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Ohio Road

Empty road in rural Ohio. I think we’d just passed an Amish buggy when I took this, looking out though the front windshield.

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Cleveland Metroparks, Willoughby Hills, OH I don’t know what tree that is with the reddish leaves but there were a lot of them in Ohio and every single one seemed to be glowing.

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Squire’s Castle

Click to Embiggen. Squire’s Castle in Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Best Store Ever!

The End Of The Commons General Store in Mespo, OH. Absolutely the best store I have ever been in. The have a bit of everything and the best pumpkin fudge you’ve ever tasted.

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Job Changes + Bell Curve = Permanently Unemployed

The current recession has been particularly hard on the idiots but the future may be even worse. The use of education level as a proxy for intelligence is well established. Of course there are smart people without degrees and there … Continue reading

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Something doesn’t smell right here…

How does this: Plus this: Equal this: Makes no sense, but then I never bought into the whole left/right thing anyway. The quiz is here.

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