In Apple's Defense

There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth on teh Interwebz over Apple’s (or AT&T’s) 3G iPhone activation problems.

Yes, Apple should have expected a large number of activation attempts today.  Yes, they could have built a system that could handle the traffic volume.

But why would they?

If I was designing a system, and expected a certain level of traffic, should I design it to handle 100 times that level just for one day?   Unless the marginal cost was zero, or close enough not to matter, no I wouldn’t.

But then, I’m an engineer type, not a squishy PR type.

I bet the Apple PR guys would disagree with me right now.


It also could be Apple’s revenge on AT&T for requiring in store activation.

Steve Jobs in his underground Apple Command Lair:

“So, AT&T wants in store activation.”  “I’ll show them in store activation, Bwah ha ha ha…”


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