iPhone 2.0 OS instability

Uh, Mr. Jobs?

Steve, can I call you Steve?

This new iPhone 2.0 OS is kinda unstable.

In fact, my iPhone is locking up and restarting itself more often than Windows ME.

I mean, I never had a problem with the old OS. Never. It was refreshing to have a smart phone with a stable OS.

Now I might as well have a Windows Mobile phone.

Come to think of it, I don’t think my last WIndows Mobile phone rebooted this often.

Did ya’ll test this before you released it?

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  1. Lurbano says:

    i’m experiencing this too. on both my iphone 3g and my 1st gen iphone, the OS is incredibly buggy. things are crashing left and right. i downloaded the facebook app which started off working fine. now when i tap the facebook app it opens facebook and 2 seconds later it just quits. the interface feels very sluggish and key presses are getting queued up without any feedback – causing you to double type everything.

    what happened? i’m getting annoyed.