Politics and Guns

The dust hasn’t even settled from the 2008 election,  but one thing is clear to me.  As gun owners, we can’t afford to let gun rights be a one party (on good days) issue.   

Let’s face it, Republicans have been fickle friends, and not all Democrats are anti-gun.   If anything ever deserved true bipartisan support it’s civil rights, and the 2nd amendment is just as important as the other nine.  Neither party should be allowed to trample civil rights, whether it’s freedom of religion, the press or the right to keep AND bear arms.

As gun owners, bloggers and civil rights activists, lets set a new goal of reaching out to Republicans and Democrats alike.  After all, corporations give money to both parties so whoever gets elected will listen to them.  Gun owners should be doing the same.  Meet with your state and federal representatives.  Make a donation so they’ll listen to you when you call and write on issues.  If it’s not the person you voted for, let them know you’ll be watching them and they have a chance to earn your vote next time.   Democrat (and Republican) representatives have to realize they can gain something by being pro-gun rights.  If you just write off the Democrats, then they’ll never become our friends because there’s nothing in it for them.

Until the NRA can give every candidate in an election a B+ or better rating, gun rights are not safe and as demonstrated in the recent election we can’t afford to have all our eggs in one party’s basket.

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