Get ready America. Here it comes.

Via 2A Musing, and Tam:

DIsarming America is the #1 priority. Passing the bloated, pork laden, liberal power grab disguised as a “stimulus” bill is the #1 priority.

The two go together hand in hand.

Dock says it well:

Hey Republicans! Remember when I said that going around due process was a bad idea because no one should have the power to circumvent the rule of law? That this kind of crap would fall into the hands of the Democrats and be used against you? That abuses of power and a unitary executive were a bad idea in general? Remember?

Happy now? DO YOU GET IT NOW? You produced the very rope that the collectivists will hang you with. Maybe NOW you think that due process and the rule of law is valuable, and that “great ideas” for circumventing these things was a HORRIBLE idea?

Does everyone understand the need for LIMITED government now?

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  1. Dock says:

    Hey, thanks for the reference!