ACLU Defends Gun Owner!

Someone check the temperature in hell.

Via Rob and SayUncle:

WKOW TV is reporting that the ACLU of Wisconsin is defending Betsy Ramsdale, who was put on administrative leave because of a Facebook photo showing her posing with a rifle.

ACLU of Wisconsin: School should allow teacher to pose with rifle on Facebook

A Beaver Dam Middle School teacher, Betsy Ramsdale, should not have been put on administrative leave simply because of a photo on Facebook showing her training a rifle at the camera. While school safety is of paramount importance, public school teachers do not lose their right to free expression when they are not working.

The context of the photo, the whole Facebook page, is important to understand before taking action against a teacher, who happens to be a gun enthusiast. Media accounts of the photo do not indicate any additional grounds for concern. Beaver Dam School District superintendent Donald Childs is reported to be unaware of any sinister intent.

“Absent any evidence that the teacher poses a threat, the district should not over-react to the sight of a gun in one of their employee’s hands,” said Chris Ahmuty, Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin today.

The ACLU of Wisconsin is a membership organization devoted to the defense and promotion of civil liberties and rights for all Wisconsin residents.

I’d like to thank the Wisconsin ACLU for acknowledging, even tangentially, that 2nd Amendment rights are civil liberties too.

It’s about time.

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  1. says:

    While i know this has some at the ACLU walking down halls mumbling non sequiturs I personally applaud them defending This teacher . I gotta say tho it has to be a rough choice for them to decide if they should throw a teachers union ( assumption on my part ) member under the bus or defend her 2nd ammendment right . My bet is that their tactics dont even mention her right to own a gun , rather her right to free speech . Whatever works tho as imho she is getting railroaded .

  2. Ted says:

    The ACLU? Didn’t they used to be a civil liberties group or something?