Ted Nugent on Gun Sales

Because he the Nuge and he’s awesome.

What our new president and his attorney general obviously want is control. Studying other gun-grabbing regimes of the past, they know the first thing that needs to be done to turn us from citizens to subjects is to disarm us.

My advice to American freedom lovers: Buy more guns and ammo, and join the National Rifle Association.

Great advice!

And when the hell did he move to Waco? I missed the memo.

I am SO sending him an invite to the next Texas Gunblogger meetup. Phlegmmy, make a note please!

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  1. Kevin says:

    If you want a good book check this out:

    The Nugent Manifesto is really a great read. Plus it is available via Kindle. Also check out some of the archive stuff on the NRA site with Ted. We all talk about taking people shooting to strengthen our position/rights. I just wish I had his energy and self expression. Ted Nugent is an amazing spokesman for our rights.

  2. That would be quite awesome to have him at the next meetup.