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Breda continued the gear meme yesterday with her post on Gunblogger Girl Gear. I’ll play along too. Here is what I’m dragging around these days. This is just shooting and blogging related stuff. The work backpack is much more geeky. Maybe I’ll do that one on another post.


The Maxpedition bag I’ve talked about before. It will be henceforth known as an Eeebag.

Stuff I carry in the Eeebag:

An Asus EeePC 900HA.
Eee Power cord
EVDO USB stick (WiFi isn’t everywhere)
various USB cables
Digital Camera (not shown – was using it)
Surefire G2 LED flashlight
2 spare XD magazines (loaded)
Leatherman Skeletool
Pens (Black Sharpie and gimme ballpoint)
Notebook (sometimes you just need paper)

And there’s room for more.

On my belt:

Springfield XD .40 S&W (Subcompact in the summer)
Comp-tac Infidel IWB holster
Spare XD magazine

In pockets:

Blackberry (Spit)
Swiss Army knife

Soon to be added:

Gerber Paraframe II (In pocket)
Swiss Army card

I’m thinking of adding a small fixed blade knife too. More on that later.

Of course day by day I have other things in the Eeebag, but that stuff is standard.

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0 Responses to Gunblogger Gear

  1. Jim says:

    I am so getting a murse.

  2. CyBuzz says:

    I love it. I carry a Fatboy….and need to upgrade to a Jumbo. Not enough room for all my stuff. I downsized from my XD40 Service to a SubCompact to get it to fit in my Fatboy. Now if I upgrade to a Jumbo, I will have more weapon choices đŸ˜‰

  3. Sgt.Fathead says:

    I know that you and Breda both enjoy the Gerber Paraframes in various sizes but I’ve had some real issues with quality in the last two full sized models I purchased and while they were replaced by Gerber, no harm, no foul, I’m currently carrying as CRKT full sized M16 folder variant.

    I’m in NJ (New Jermany) so CCW is damn near impossible to acquire and a knife IS your primary next to a good pair of running shoes. The Gerbers get botched up too easily with that frame as lock system.

    My $.02

  4. neoseikan says:

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