QOTD – Some people need killing

Those men herding the naked women and children to the trenches prior to being shot… they needed to be killed. Right then and there. Keeping guns away from the people that needed them enabled evil.

Joe Huffman

And that’s the reason for the 2nd Amendment. As long as there are more armed civilians than armed government employees, we won’t have Jews in the attic in this country.

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0 Responses to QOTD – Some people need killing

  1. Borepatch says:

    Yes, but that was a long time ago. No need for that now. *Cough* Darfur! *Cough*

  2. Old NFO says:

    Agreed! I WILL NOT be the Jew in the attic…

  3. Jay G. says:

    I’ll be dead long before there are Jews in my attic.

    Toys, perhaps… 😉

  4. Jerry Connally says:

    Check out House Bill HR 45.